Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Stone of Passion

Spring has officially sprung. Hope you all remembered to spring forward.  Check out my latest creation.  Gorgeous deep wine red garnet drop earrings.

According to tradition legends suggested that garnets could never been hidden even under clothing.  It would shine with its own light. Garnet can occur in virtually any color but blue, and crystalizes in natural dodecahedron and trapezohedral forms, masses, and plate like layers.  The name comes from the Latin "granatus" meaning like seeds in reference to the pomegranate (Ganatum) for garnets are often found seeded in rocks.  The ancient hebrews named garnet "barak", lightening, in memory of its ability to lend positivity to its owner.

The natives of North and South America and African tribal elders considered garnet a sacred stone.
Garnet emphasizes compassion and love, helping to teach patience.  This is a Rhodolite garnet that can range from rose to purplish red. The color that I chose to use, is symbolic of the hearts compassion.

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  1. Reading your interesting article on 'The Stone of Passion' I am glad because you have shared here very some unknown facts. I didn't know that!