Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Is this year going by fast?

I love this time of year, the most intense greens, pinks, and milky whites are everywhere you look, the grass, the wild flowers blooming in the mountains, the fruit trees blossoming....as summer comes, the colors deepen, but right now everything is in shades of peridot, rose quarts, and creamy pearls.....

When I was working out in the yard, an apple branch caught my attention. I stopped what I was doing, hunted down my camera and captured the beauty of an apple tree blossom.  Is it me, or does it seem like the year is going by fast?   

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

I want to take a minute and wish everyone a Happy Mother's Day.   The month of May is a very special month to me.  Not only because of  Mother's Day but it is also a birthday month! Practically everyone I know including myself has a birthday in May.  So in honors of these very important family and friends, I'm offering a special in the shop.  Each design through May (Mother's Day is May 9th so don't forget) is 20% of the original price. Stop by, take a peek and treat you or a mother you know to something special and original... 

I will be glad to gift wrap, and include a personal note from you, and ship your selection directly to the person of your choosing.  This service is complimentary.
Featured in this post is lilas earring, a pair of lavender Amethyst adorned with a cluster of natural genuine freshwater pearls with bright sterling silver findings. 

Mother's are the greatest, with out them and their love, where would we all be?

Sending you a big warm hug,

Autumn Ray 

ARC Adventure's In The Big World

 Hello and Welcome to ARC Bijoux by Autumn Ray Creation's.  

At an early age of ten, my Great Grandma E introduced me to the world of creativity. Believe it or not, it started with crocheting, then it evolved into cross stitching, quilting, ceramic, etc. I have always enjoyed photography and Fine Art. Between my Great Grandma E and Grandma A, I discovered my love for colors.

As I directed my studies towards photography and Fine Art in college I learned many perspectives. For example in photography you're painting an image with light. In Fine Art you're painting with many shades of color. However, as a child I always admired the natural beauty in rocks and minerals.  Rocks and minerals have a variety of vibrant colors, as seen in these photo samples by Richard Weston.   

When I came across beads and creating jewelry I finally found my niche. It allowed me to capture that beauty and then transfer it into personal expression in the form of jewelry.

 I enjoy browsing over semi-precious and precious stones, pearls, crystals, and unique clasps. For me it's like I'm a child going to a candy shop

 and selecting which candy looks yummy to purchase. My husband is so patient with me when I find a bead shop when we travel. I first started creating pieces for myself then for family as gifts and now my pieces are available for everyone at  http://autumnraycreations.etsy.com

I would say the best thing about making jewelry is when a customer enjoys a piece as much as I do. It truly is hard to part with my one of a kind creations, but I get so excited when I hear from customers who are so pleased with their new wearable art pieces. 

My number one concern is creating quality original designs and giving memorable service.

Many of my ideas come from my adventures within the United States, I thought I should discover my own backyard before traveling abroad. Most of my inspirations come from mother Earth herself. Colors from the amazing Sequoia's to the breath taking sunsets. 

The blue lakes, snow covered purple hills and all of this magnificent creation. Now to combine all this beauty into something that each one of us can possess. That can be worn on your own magnificent body. To have with you always and of such quality that it can be handed down to your loved ones for generations to come. It is my sincere desire that you delight in each of my loving handcrafted pieces, and that they find a place in your heart for generations to come.

Check back to see what I'm up to in this adventurous world!

Sending you many warm hugs,

Autumn Ray